Episode Index – Star Trek: The Next Generation

Greetings! You’re so kind to take this journey with me!

First, if you haven’t, read the introduction to this kooky endeavor here. Then, you can use the Star Trek tags in the right sidebar to take the whole trip in reverse, or you can use the index below to chart your own course.

I’m writing these explorations from a very personal point of view, focusing more on the effect of the series on my individual development, and less on the series itself. For that reason, if an individual episode didn’t contribute substantially to my journey, I didn’t write about it. Those are noted below.

Happy travels! 🙂


1. Encounter at Farpoint
2. The Naked Now
3. Code of Honor (combined with ep.4)
4. The Last Outpost (combined with ep.3)

5. Where No One Has Gone Before
6. Lonely Among Us
7. Justice
8. The Battle (no post)
9. Hide And Q (combined with ep.10)
10. Haven (combined with ep.9)

11. The Big Goodbye
12. Datalore
13. Angel One
14. 11001001
15. Too Short A Season (no post)
16. When The Bough Breaks
17. Home Soil
18. Coming Of Age
19. Heart of Glory
20. The Arsenal of Freedom (no post)
21. Symbiosis
22. Skin of Evil
23. We’ll Always Have Paris (no post)
24. Conspiracy (no post)
25. The Neutral Zone


1. The Child
2. Where Silence Has Lease
3. Elementary, Dear Data
4. The Outrageous Okona
5. Loud As A Whisper
6. The Schizoid Man
7. Unnatural Selection
8. A Matter Of Honor
9. The Measure Of A Man
10. The Dauphin (combined with ep.11)
11. Contagion (combined with ep.10)

12. The Royale (no post)
13. Time Squared
14. The Icarus Factor
15. Pen Pals
16. Q Who
17. Samaritan Snare
18. Up The Long Ladder (combined with ep.19)
19. Manhunt (combined with ep.18)

20. The Emissary
21. Peak Performance
22. Shades Of Gray (no post)


1. Evolution
2. The Ensigns of Command
3. The Survivors
4. Who Watches The Watchers
5. The Bonding
6. Booby Trap (combined with ep S04:16)
7. The Enemy
8. The Price
9. The Vengeance Factor
10. The Defector
11. The Hunted
12. The High Ground
13. Deja Q
14. A Matter of Perspective
15. Yesterday’s Enterprise
16. The Offspring
17. Sins of the Father
18. Allegiance
19. Captain’s Holiday
20. Tin Man
21. Hollow Pursuits
22. The Most Toys
23. Sarek
24. Ménage à Troi
25. Transfigurations
26. The Best of Both Worlds



1. Best of Both Worlds Part II
2. Family
3. Brothers
4. Suddenly Human
5. Remember Me
6. Legacy
7. Reunion
8. Future Imperfect
9. Final Mission
10. The Loss
11. Data’s Day
12. The Wounded
13. Devil’s Due
14. Clues
15. First Contact
16. Galaxy’s Child (Combined with ep S03:06)
17. Night Terrors
18. Identity Crisis
19. The Nth Degree
20. Qpid
21. The Drumhead
22. Half a Life
23. The Host
24. The Mind’s Eye
25. In Theory
26. Redemption


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